Does Having More Money Mean Better Sex?

More money. Better sex.

It's not just age instinct. It's a fact that the more financially stable you or your partner are, the more you enjoy sex.

Here are some important facts:

A study carried out in spain shows that people with higher socioeconomic statues enjoy tthe pleasure of sex better. And the least satisfied are those struggling with financial ups and downs.

It was discovered that among majority of citizens, sex was more satisfying with a stable partner than a random catch.


Poor women are more likely to face sexual abuse than rich ones.

Another reason is, people living in wealth have more opportunities of trying different types of sexual explorations.

Not having to worry about the unstability of your income, you have time to know and understand your likes and dislikes, and go for the one that favours you.

Again, rich people are more privileged to know about contraceptives and how to use them better.

Lastly, nothing kills the mood more than worrying. And even though rich people also worry, financial worry has the most devastating effect on sexual drive of poor couples.

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