Inspiring Story By a Woman: "I stood infront of the mirror and looked at a beautiful woman"

I found this story from a great facebook page and feel I should share it with you guys here:

"I am a 24 years old lady who was in a BAD relationship for 3 years.

When I met the guy I thought he was the one, his sweet words made me believe he loved me and of course I fell for that....

I have done everything to please him, I went all out to prove my love for him, I sacrificed my life for him but he was too blind to see all that.

All he was doing best was to tell me about how beautiful other girls are,

how my hairstyles makes him sick,

he complained about almost everything in my life.

I started to have low self esteem, feeling like am unworthy, feel unattractive because he told me that no guy will ever love me.

One day he made a mistake by calling me desperate.

He told me that am not the kind of girl he wants to get married to.

That broke me to pieces.

I was in the university and about to write my exams, I couldn't study and I was even thinking death was the solution for me But I thank God 'cause he spoke sense in my life.

I stood infront of the mirror and looked at a beautiful woman, I pulled myself together, studied for my exams and I passed.

I graduated last year and Got a job in one of the biggest companies in SA.

There I met a man who loves me so much and even won't wait until he put a ring on my finger. Am now engaged and am going to marry one of the best men in the world.

I have achieved many things that maybe I couldn't have achieved if I was still with that loser.

He called and asked to see me and I went to meet him, I went to meet him looking beautiful, driving my car and waving the ring on my finger, he couldn't believe what he saw.

I took him to the best restaurant and paid all the bills. He cried and said sorry but it was too late.

After that I felt like am on top of the world when my ex saw me swimming in success.

NOW I PARY to someone reading this today every one you worked so hard for and neglected you would come back to beg you WHEN your glory shine!!!

Can someone say a loud "AMEN"

Plz share the story!!"

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