Am a dirty womanizer: What do I do before I kill myself?

"Dear Jdy,

I am married with kids and 50 years old and I am about committing suicide.

This is because I am a womaniser and I chase anything in skirt.

I have traveled to the Holy Lands (Mecca and Jerusalem) respectively coupled with many fasting, all to end this habit but all proved futile.

In fact, the more I prayed and fasted about it, the more I get involved in skirt-chasing.

What do I do before I kill myself?"


It's natural to get attracted to a woman. And when I say woman I mean everything in skirt, just the way you said. But there's a difference between addiction and impulse.

Although different people have different sex urge, there are also always people that can satisfy any type of desire.

In your case, your wife should be the only helper.

It's good to pray. And it's good to use wisdom. It's good to be realistic, trying every coping method that can make you a better man.

Now, the easiest thing to do is to concentrate on your wife for your sexual satisfaction. And if your wife's not around (dead or divorced), then you should prepare to marry. And age doesn't matter.

You should share your problem with your wife. And if she's sensible and wise, she'll dress the way you like, be for you and CURE your wild sex urge.

But remember, you're not to use your wife as a satisfaction machine but a lover.

Make love to her. Satisfy her too, so that she won't get bored about your constant urge.

And if you're not attracted to your wife anymore, make her who you want her to be. Take care of her in such a way she'll be a princess; to be admired by any, and for you to make love to.

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