Two Condoms Are Better Than One…Right? 10 Misconceptions About STDs And Sexual Health

Am back with a post about sexual health again. But this post is dedicated to women, in that women are more likely to get infected with sexual transmitted diseases than men.

Am going to talk about the misconceptions on contracting STDs and the important truth you need to know about sex and infection.

Master these misconceptions and prevent yourself from catching the disease....

1. “I Don’t Need to Get Tested, It Doesn’t Burn When I Pee”

Studies show that most STD infected people feel no symptom at all. The fact that you're not feeling anything doesn't mean you're certainly free.

So if you're sexually active and not with a single partner, then you need a test in order to be certain.

2. Negative Results Mean a Clean Slate

Another confusion huh? Not so hard.

STDs like HIV can be dictated only after six months of infection. Others such as syphilis and trichomoniasis can be also hard to dictate not-so-long after infection.

So also in this case, if you're sexually active you need to take the test atleast twice a year. The earlier the better to be treated.

3. If A Person Looks Clean, They Are

People have different body type and different personal hygiene practices. Nowadays, STDs (even HIV) rarely show physically.

So it doesn't matter if the person looks clean or not. You have to be careful.

4. Two Condoms Protect You Better

Ironically, only the opposite of this misconception is true.

Using two condoms produce friction, which increases the possibility of tears and breakage.

5. STDs Can’t Be Contracted From Oral Sex

Personally I also used to think that you can't contract STDs through oral sex. But the truth is, even though it's less likely, all you need is some sores and cuts on the lips to get an infection, which is very common in the case of rigorous kissing.

Additionally, some STDs like genital warts or herps only need skin to skin contact to get transfered to new individual.

6. Once You’re Treated for an STD, You Can’t Get It Again

Again, some people have this misconception that when you're treated of STI once you'll never get infected again. STD treatment is just like treating malaria; many are curable but you can easily get them if you're exposed.

7. HIV Is the Only Serious STD

While HIV is really a serious STD, other STDs like HPV and HERPS have no definite cures in the market yet. So HIV is not the only dangerous STD.

The long term effects of STD's (not only HIV) are also very dangerous.

8. You Don’t Need to Get Tested If You’re Monogamous

Some people think that monogamy doesn't have to do with any risk or probability of STD infection. But even if both of you are faithful, what about the time before you get together?

If you haven't done the test before marriage (not just HIV), you might need it to stay safe.

9. Your Partner Is Negative, So You Are Too

Some people can be pretty lucky not to get infected easily. If there's any reason you have to doubt your status, then your partner's result does not always mean yours.

10. “I Use Condoms, So I’m Good”

Condoms protect, but not 100 percent firewalls. They tear, they might slip or even break.

Even after s*x, where the sp*rm drops can be dangerous, if its infected. Especially for women who love facials and other plays. It's not just about it getting into you, it's also about it touching you, maybe in the eye or other parts.


Invest in your health.

Practice safe sex.

And live to use every knowledge acquired for your advantage.

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