14 Sex Laws You Won’t Believe Are Real

Here are some rediculous sex laws in the United States you won't believe are real...

1. No sexual activity in Walk-in Meat Freezers

In Newcastle, WY, it's prohibited for couples to fornicate in the grocery store.

2. No sexual favors to pay up billiard debts

In Anniston, AL —just an hour south of Birmingham, it's illegal for a woman to pay up billiard debts with sex.

3. No gunfire during fiery passion

In Connorsville, WI., it's agaisnt the law for a man to shoot a gun in the time his woman's having an orgasm.

4. No bestiality with larger creatures

In the state of Washington, in the USA, it's legal to have sex with animal weighting less than 40 pounds. But illegal to get intimate with animal that weight more than 40 pounds.

5. No ambulance hook ups

In Tremonton, UT —an hour north of Salt Lake City, you cannot hook up or make any relationship advances with a fellow ambulance rider. It's illegal.

6. If the car’s-a-rockin’, don’t go a-knockin’

In the town of Coeur d’ Alene, ID, as a police you cannot approach a car when you suspect that people are having sex inside. You have to horn 3 times and then wait for exactly 2 minutes before you approach.

7. No well-lit sex

In Virginia, it's prohibited for couples to have sex with the lights on.

8. No non-missionary positions

Also in Virginia, couples are prohibited to have sex in any position other than the missionary.

9. No tickling

This is another one from Virginia: it's illegal for a man to tickle a woman in the public.

10. No consummating during outdoor recreation

In Oblong, IL, as a newlywed couple, if you fished or are going to fish on that day, it's prohibited for you to have sex on your wedding day.

11. Don’t let the horse watch

In Massachusetts, it's illegal to have sex in the presence of a horse.

12. No unprotected sex with the devil

In Bakersfield, CA, it's against the law to have unprotected sex with someone who you suspect to be possessed by an evil spirit.

13. No tollbooth temptation

In Harrisburg, PA, it’s against the law to have sex with a truck driver in a tollbooth.

14. Please don’t touch the photographs

In Oxford, Ohio, it's against the law for a woman to strip her clothes off while looking at a man's picture or while standing in front of a man's photograph.

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