Let's Talk About Sex: Things Women Think Are Hot But Men Don’t

We don't care about the "becoming sexy" tips, all we know is "this is" and "this is not"

Here are the things women think are hot but men don't....

1. Being mean in bed.

Men enjoy sex as much as it is, but playing a role like handcuffing, blindfolding and hanging usually sounds gross if a guy truly loves you.

Trying too hard to make your bedroom sessions adventurous might be a bit turn off to a man.

2. Eloborate outfits.

A real man just need to see you stark-naked to get going. You don't need to spend so much on eloborate outfits, the simpler you go, the fulfilling it becomes.

3. Toys.

Men don't need toys. In fact most men view toys as distraction. Men like going natural and as intimate as they can. Am sure you don't want to get your man intimidated...

No man would like to competite with toy....a machine.

4. Slobber kisses.

A man that wants to kiss you wants to kiss you right on the lips. A man doesn't want a kiss on the forehead or anywhere else. Just go directly and instinctively. Forget about rules written by women and start following your intuition.

5. Areola play

Men don't feel the same sensation as women. In fact, a man feel emasculated about the thought of being played on his areola. Insteaf, do the play above the chest or below the belt!

6. Comparison to exes.

Men know that they can be either better or worse, but what turns him off the most is you comparing him with your ex in bed. It makes him insecure and unnatural about the whole thing.

7. Acting hot.

A man gets alone with you in the first place because he thinks you're hot. And he's not waiting to see something else. You don't have to mourn if you don't feel like. You don't have to brainstorm how you're going to make the best of it. You're hot just the way you are.

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