READER'S MAIL: "Immediately I penetrated her.....I ejc*lated and sp*rm gushed out, followed by blood..."

".....Am 28 and she is 23 thanks pls. What is hapenin to me? I was trying to have fun with my new girlfriend for the first time ('cause I broke up with my fiance last year June). Althrough, penetrating her was very difficult because I have a very wide manhood but a bit short, 'cause am chubby.

Immediatly I penetrated her she push me and I ejaculated 'cause am the type that ejac*lates fast. In the first two rounds, I discorvered that I released sp*rm first and blood followed the sp*rm immediatly.

I beg her to let us try again but she refused and left. After a week and some days, my ex just came and we had fun and I released nomal spe*m into the cond*m twice. Please talk to me on this."


You need to reflect back on the incidence. Maybe your new gf was a virgin and don't have much knowledge about hymen breakage.

But if the blood's inside the cond*m, then you might have an infection.

In a general sense, you need to get yourself tested of hematospermia.

It can also be caused by , infections, stones anatomical abnormalities, tumors, or inflammation in many sites throughout your genitourinary system.

But in your case, I can say that you had a broken blood vessel which was healed before you had sex with your ex. It usually heal between 7-10 days.