Surprising Sexual Health Myths Even Adults Believe

We're living in a society that encourage us to have same beliefs and superstitions about sex life. But what if the society is wrong itself. What if the masses are moving in th wrong direction? Are we going to fall with the crowd?

What about our individualities? Does it mean that everything the society approves is also good for us.


We're adult, but there are myths about sex and sexuality that everybody has to deal with individually.

Here are Sexual Health Myths Even Adults Believe:

1. Condoms protect against all STIs

Every grown man and woman know about the importance of condoms, especially when you're not too familiar with the sexual health of your partner. But the truth is, not even medicalist have a prove that you're completely protected from genital warts.

2. If my test is clean, I don't have Herps.

Most STD tests neglect herps especially when there are no signs and symptoms. But most of the time you can't conclude that you're CLEAN if HERPS TEST is not done specifically.

3. I can get herps from the toilet seat.

The herps virus is very short-lived and connot stay for long outside the human body. It dries within second on physical objects. So you cannot get herps on toilet seat or any other physical object.

4. Most STDs have obvious symptoms.

Most STDs show no symptoms. They usually incubate and even clear up, the only symptoms are the long-term effects, after the infection's done with it's damage.

5. Women have to get a pap once they turn 18

New research has shown that a woman don't need the pap smear 'til she becomes sexually active for atleast 3 years. So a young woman don't need regular doctor's appointment for the pap.

6. I can't get pregnant while on my period.

Yes you may not get pregnant while on period but when the sperm stays longer than your period, you might get pregnant. Sperm stays as long as 72 hours, which can be fertiled as your ovulation begins.

7. Taking the morning after pill is the same as getting an abortion

The morning after pill has no effect on pregnancy. If a woman is pregnant, she's pregnant. If she's not, she's not. The morning after pill knows only how to control and protect, abortion pill is different.

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