I met a guy on a social network and all he wants is sex/he made me believe sex is painful, should I go back to him?

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"Am a girl of 24yrs, I met this guy on a social network and we become frends because his place is not far from my place too, one day he ask me to come over to his place. When I get there all he want was sex but I disagree because I too was a virgin.

Mind you, am not a virgin because am holy but because I have a covenant with God to remain a virgin 'til marriage...but this guy forced me, over powered me and sex me.

It was so horrible, painful and a shame to me. He begged me to be his girl that he sex me so that I won't leave him.

Later, I agreed to date him because I began to develop love for him. The second time I went to his place he had sex with me without minding if am in the mood.

After that day his character changed, he hardly call..flash..or text. So I become worried.

Knowing that he has gotten what he wanted from me, I let him be without troubling him.

After three months he called me and start begging me to come back. That he was too busy that's why he didn't show care. He ask me to come over to his place so that we can talk things over. I agreed to visit him.

On getting to his place, this guy forced me to sex again. I wept and left him, laying curses on him. After that day I hated men and decided to stay away from them in all ways not minding am actractive. But I was shocked when he called me yesterday begging with tears, begging as if he's a changed person, that he want me back..that he want me because am not a flirt, that he can't forget me.

He begged for hours..he begged all day.

Pls advis me...should I go back to this guy who made me believe that sex is painful...or should I move on. Insult if you feel like but advise me. thanks"

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