Crazy Love Test - Young Love Story

Love story Picture

Once upon a time, a guy and a girl were deeply in love with each other.
The guy was doubting the girl's love so he decided to test her.
He did not call her for 3 days and when she curiously called him, he quickly gave an excuse and switch off the phone right then, which continued for some days.
Even though the girl was disgusted, due to the love she had for him, she got crazy and thought he got a new girlfriend.
Later on, he called and told he the reason for the drama and how she'd passed the test.
Right then, she was delightedly oblivious of the fact that he doesn't trust her but confidently laughted over it adding that she'll also test him for a week.
The guy who's "feeling" himself said that she should test him for a month. She agreed.
After 2 weeks, she called him and said she's now a born again and that now the relationship is over.
The guy was so hurt and pleaded so much but she still instead that they should be only friends, and so thus went on.
Barely 2 weeks after there breakup he called her and said he has a new girlfriend...
The girl kept mute and wept bitterly in regret but still the guy admit that she shouldn't suppose to weep because it's over...
On hearing that, the girl was very weak the she couldn't even eat, drink, or study which was generally affecting her...
Is the guy testng her again or is he serious... What should she do?
Love is sweet, kind, generous and patient but love when broken is very painful...
What should the girl do and she still love him so much?