I’ll be a bad girl, I’ll prove it to you, By Lying On My Back For You

I'll be a bad girl and I'll show you.

Am going to show you how my body can get me things.

Am going to be your queen of the day, a princess of the night.

I will take you downtown, deep down to the deepest sea.

To the deepest realm of your fantasies, the trance of ecstasy.

I'll be a bad girl, only if you can be my bad guy.

Not by your looks but by your influence.

Not by your confidence but by your spending.

Spend on me and I'll play for you. I'll play with you.

Spend on me and I'll take you downtown. Take you to my treasure realm, the realm every man desire.

Because of my desire, to lay on my back. Because of my desire to make a life.

I'll get down on you. I'll show off my skills. Then you'll discover that am a bad girl and I can do it like a movie.

Like a career, like a job, like a business with profit.

Profit of pleasure. Profit of treasure.

There we start, there we end it.

Because you want it, and I don't have a choice.

Am your slave, practically a slave to your desire.

I'll show my self to your world. My body. My curves.

Am your article of pleasure. Because I lack a future without you...

Because I know my body is an asset...

An asset to be desired by men...

By men misbehaving like dogs...

Not the reasonable guy that can put a ring on my finger, but a man that will use me...

In all ectasy and bliss.

Use me like a tool, like an article of pleasure.

Because I don't have a plan, and lazy to chase dreams, am fulfilling men's dream with my body.

Because I failed to use my head in reading and creation, am now allowing men to read, study and creatively get me on their beds.

Am not a prostitute. Not the regular girl of the night. Don't even call me that. Am a runs girl. Who knows where and how to get paid.

She allows her body to rule her income and she's getting all she wants from dogs that look like men.

This is me, young and strong.

Sharp and smart. Intelligent and initiative. But my body speaks and I follow.

My heart skips but I have to refire my acts. A bad girl, a smart bad girl.

I know am going to become a trash in my late 30s to 80s to 90s, but for now, pleasure is what I do.

Am young, so useless for myself, and I know that.

Am a bad girl, wise and energetic.

Though I know I can't be creative while letting men to be creatiive on me, I love it now.

Am a bad girl and we're many! And as many as we are, we have the same destiny, mind and desire. Just because we choose to be lazy....


This is the story of every bad girl.

She has all the attention. Men flocking around her like flies around rotten friut. Only to use her as an "article for pleasure" and leave.

Those kind of ladies learn only by experience, and after the lesson, many get back to the act but as "solo prostitutes", doing it only after shopping or a bank alert.

I've got to admit that it's a good business but as they become older, they lose their values. The curves fade and market becomes drastically deserted. The fate is badly unimaginable.

It's a mystry! A life cycle of a woman, any woman that puts more effort to present her body, not her mind; any woman that desires to be seen, enjoying the attention, instead of focusing on developing a personality that men, real men, of respect and honesty will be attracted to!

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