Wanna make it fast in life? Try not to date before 25 - See shocking reasons

Relax and enjoy your youthful age. Your singleness.

Your early 20s is the age for establishment.

What you do in your early age determines the level of security you'll have in your old age. Your financial security.

Your value determines your success. And value created at a young age is more cherishable than that of old age.

We are all young people. And we have fantasies yet to be fulfilled.

But there's no joy in emptiness after richiness.

The brain in your early 20s is very sharp in acquiring knowledge and applying basic principles of success.

And when single, you're more capable of achieving finer goals in that you don't have other responsibilities other than to make things happen in your life.

You don't have to dress to impress anybody, thus you can use that money to develop, implement and invest for the future.

You don't have any emotional attachement, so you don't have to think about anybody, first thing in the morning. Ironically, the early morning (when lovers communicate love) is the best time your brain becomes capable of giving you insightful career or business ideas that can change the world around you.

So instead of thinking about or receiving call from a sweetheart, you have all the insight to make sound judgement about your life and how you want it to be.

Dating is beautiful and also the dream of every young person. But there are only few people that understand the advantage of being "Single and Made" before getting into a relationship. Obviously this is why not many young people make it fast in life.

Apparently, you can be somebody even if you started dating from age 16 to 25 to 30. But to be at the top of your best, you need that "singleness" at a young age in order to be able to explore the best qualities of your original self.