Making time for sex: what you can do

What is the most important thing about sex? Satisfaction, right?

So what if this satisfaction don't seem to come easily?

What if you and your partner have different schedules that you rarely enjoy the session up to satisfaction?

Sex, as well as romance is a very essential part of any intimate relationship.

Both partners must make effort to satisfy each other without letting stress, work, children, etc, to reduce the intimacy.

First, couples need to understand their sex-cycles, then blend with each other.

For example, if the man's cycle ranges between a week to 10 days and the woman's cycle, 2 weeks to 15 days, the couple can easily blend their cycles by applying The Addition and Division Rule. Here it goes:

Assuming the man's cycle is 10 days (meaning, he needs to have intercourse after every 10 days) and the woman's cycle is 16 days, they can easily make their sexual urge to match by doing some mathematics.

The cycles are to be added together and be divided by 2. Thus, 10 (man's cycle) + 16 (woman's cycle) = 26. So, 26 divided by 2 will give us 13. Which make 13 days "couples" cycle.

This couple can easily adopt to the 13 days cycle without much trouble.

When such cycle is mastered and practiced, there would be less sexual tension and dissatisfaction, creating trust and certainty in the long run. This will also reduce the chance of infedility due to controlled urge and impulses, toward the satisfaction of desires and fantasies.

By this, couples can easily schedule their sex-cycle regardless how busy they are with children, work or and business.

Another way you can make time for sex is by

Creating a habit of doing it in the shower before work...anytime.

And, you should avoid bedtime sex as much as possible. They're not enjoyable; doesn't last long; and might cause sexual frustration overtime.