What to Do When You Realize You Chose the Wrong Career

What do you do when you realize you're on the wrong path of life?

Should you just throw it up and give up? NO!

Regardless of your age, you can start a new career, change your life, change the worl around you and live happier after.

And you don't have to spend another 5 to 10 years to be up and running...

Be still, you can start from the last quarter of your life and still make a difference.

The realisation that you've choosen the wrong career is a result of intense self-actualization and discovery. This should continue even in the course of making choices and decisions about the new career you want to pursue.

First you must use your past experience when handling budgets. If you need to go back to school to study something else, make a research know how much money you need for the whole course, how long it'll take and the benefit afterwards.

Learn from those who are in the new-dream career, about the requirements, the skill you need and the precaution, which is very important.

You might still be working while pursuing other plans in order to be able to support yourself and your plans financially.

Don't move too fast and don't move too slow. Work with time and never be desperate. Never ever regret your first choice. Regardless how bad you feel you did in making choices, just keep in mind that there must be something you can pick from your previous experience to make your present plan easier.

Concentrate mainly on self-developement, which includes learning skills, coping skills and thinking skills.

Be definite with your plans. Don't start two new careers at a time. Focus on one and master it until it's complete.

While making choices, always be on the side of "what you love" not "what earns you the most money". Because if you follow what earns you the most money you "may" gain financial freedom so fast but after that you might still feel like something is missing.

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The only thing you need is creativity. Being creative with what ever your profession is.

Yes, a creativity without a business plan has no value. Be creative in creating a business model that will bring you financial freedom while doing what you love. With this, you'll start to feel the satisfaction that comes along with financial freedom.