There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you

my story

No, tell the world about you.

Someone is willing to learn from your story.

Someone needs to be inspired by your story.

You need let it out.

You need to free yourself,

just as you help others know about it.

There's nothing greater than inspiring people with your story.

A story untold doesn't change anything.

But when you spit it out, you can change the world around you.

The impact you make is the honour you deserve.

The honour you deserve increases your self-esteem,

and the opportunity tell another story.

The story that more people would like to here.

Life comes and go, but your story can stay longer than a generation,

its impact longer than 10 generations.

If you think you've nothing to offer that can change the world, just tell your story and you'll be surprised.

Someone need to hear it.

You don't have to learn how to be interesting.

You don't have to learn how to say it.

In whatever way you choose to say it, you can save a life out there.

They don't need to know you to learn from you.

You don't need to feel humiliated when someone say something negative.

Everyone has opinion and a freedom to voice it out.

But one thing is certain, only your opinion matters.

Someone can't be brave enough to tell their stories, so they'll hate your bravity.

Someone can't be strong enough to be able to admit who they are, so they'll admire and respect your strength.

You'll be their hero.

Becaue they'll now get the courage to tell their own stories.

And others to are going to be encouraged by them.

You see how impactive it is?

Yeah, and you're free from the agony of the untold story.

Don't let the agony ruin you down.

Don't say you're helpless and you did foolish things.

Allow yourself to talk.

There's no rule in life, only guides.

You choose what you feel is right.


What you feel is right.

And bearing an untold story keeps you in agony, and doesn't FEEL right.

Saying it out FEELS right.

So do what you feel is right and open your own stream of happiness.

Want to know something about me?

I have weaknesses, I admit it.

I pretend to do something I don't like, I admit it

I pretend to hate something I love very much, I admit it here.

Life is all about this.

I don't play it safe.

I've been playing it safe before and I didn't achieve anything in that comfort zone.

There's no reward for dwelling in comfort zone but the reward of admiting your faults and breakthroughs is unimaginable.

I don't believe in hidden secrets, so I tell my stories.

I speak out like I don't care.

But truly I do care.

I care about my safety.

I care about my dreams.

So I tell the stories in me in order to stay focused in living a life worth telling about.

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