I love you too but if you break my heart I will break you into pieces

Loving you is giving my heart to you.

Loving you is allowing you to know my weakness and expecting you to strenghten me.

I don't usually give my heart to any,

because I've never give my heart to any.

But today you want me to get involved with you,

you want me to get emotional, something am afraid of.

You want me to leave my comfort zone because you think all you come with is love.

You said you like my life without knowing that singleness is what makes me likeable.

I might be paranoid about love, but let's also be considerate about us.

Let's make a square deal,

a deal that doesn't hurt,

a deal to heal,

an immunizing deal,

immunization against heartbreak,

the heartbreak of a relationship.

Am an emotional being,

and when I have interest in something,

I follow it with all passion and dedication,

with all compassion and honesty,

with all my heart and soul.

You said I should follow you,

follow you to the path,

to a path of commitment,

commitment in the realm of love,

a romantic kind of love.

I will, but only if you understand that,

I will love you with all I have,

but if you break my heart I will break you into pieces.

© 2014, Joshua Daniel Jdy