My weaknesses are much but my strength conquers all

weak person

I have challenges,

I usually go through alot of mistakes and delays before I achieve other things.

People have weaknesses, but I also have mine.

I have them, many.

I have weak points, but I don't allow them to drag me in the ground.

I don't lose hope, because I never stop to try.

I spend most of my time trying to figure out the best way to go through this.

I want to be stronger.

My strength means alot to me.

Am strong and skillful in doing other things, and that gives me the courage to learn to be strong where I am weak.

I love to conquer,

day by day, I rejoice in my progress.

I allow my loved ones know that I'm becoming better, stronger and healthier.

I know my weaknesses are many, but my strength conquers all.