All great achievements require time.


Time makes it happen. Sometimes you just have to sit down and watch nature do the job for you. Although we need action at a start, time speaks more of our success.

Time works favour to those who use it with respect.

Just the way we invest money, time can be invested for the benefit of our goals.

Just the way we save money, time can be saved for better use.

Just the way we know how to manage the money we have, time when managed correctly can bring forth profit worth millions.

Am talking because nobody wants to talk about you.

Am talking money because everybody value you, although they don't want to admit.

You buy time.

We use time to earn money but we also use money to buy time.

What I'm talking about is your goal.

What you want to achieve.

I dont care what you want to become.

I don't care if you want to be a great or minor achiever.

But I am with the great, and if you want to be one, you need to understand the concept of time.

It require time.

Time of hardwork and dedication.

Time of learning and the application of knowledge.

Time of consistency and focus.

This time, procrastination doesn't come up.

Laziness doesn't come up.

Lazy people don't see it.

Time for the best of achievement, a time of constant pressure. A constant push.

This time has a great value for those who love to see greatness.

To all those that have a burning desire to achieve their heart desires.

It is so precious to them.

A minute is like a second but they feel like an hour is like a minute.

They work hard day and night. And don't even have time to shave.

They keep on the radar until they reach their goals at the appointed time.

They don't want time to come and leave them. They want to move with time at a time as valuable partners because they know that all great achievements require the best of time. Not money, time and at its best.

Whenever you feel like giving up, just look up to the sky, feel the breez. Let the wind blow. Just know that time is what matters.

Do your best. Rest when you're tired but never rest too long to be left lost along the way. Let your action derive respect from time. Because when time respects you, it brings all of your heart desires in time.

Don't allow pressure from families or peers to make you desperate. Live one day at a time. Just make sure that with every minute that's passing you're becoming a better person to conquer the challenges along the way.