I'm Running To Stand Perfectly Still

woman running away

I'm running from my failures,

for they don't want to leave me,

they know what a great man am going to be,

when they let me be,

in the world of wannabes,

they just have to let me be,

whatever I want to be.

I have a goal,

but running towards that goal,

I have to move fast.

I have to increase my pace.

No, I have to literally run toward my goals.

If I want to escape this struggle,

I have to run and struggle.

Struggle day and night.

Spending my whole time trying to make something.

I'm running, running to reach a goal.

A goal to be reached is a goal to be wished.

It's every man's wish to see himself on that ladder.

Climbing with assurance,

and even tasting from the flavour as they reach closer to it. It's my wish.

I haven't tasted any flavour yet but I'm so close,

so close to the meeting point.

To a meeting point where a new life will begin.

A life filled with bigger dreams and goals.

A life of total focus.

A life of better living.

But as am so close, challenges seem to want to drage me in the ground.

But as a man as I am.

As experienced as I am.

As great as I know my God is.

I can already feel the victory.

I can see the day coming,

when all my sorrows shall be wiped away so that my joyful face will be exposed to the light.

And when exposed to the light and visible,

I will spread the best of testimony.

I will make sure that my living in the light bring out many out of the darkness.

I spend alot of time in the dark room,

experienced everything in there but I don't mind,

and I won't mind expressing the road,

making it smooth for others to walk on.

I'm running to stand pefectly on the ground of success.

To stand where I'll be of a great effect to the world around me.

I want to stand in a position of great importance, where love, grace and the Fear of God shall manifest.

I need the comfortable life.

I need the responsible life.

Yes I want to be a reason many tears will be wiped that's why I'm running hard to stand pefectly for you.

Perfectly in love!

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