Untold secrets: Attracting the right man into your life

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The right man. Where is he? How does he look like in particular? Want to attract the right man, read on...

Who is this right man for you?

The right man for you is the man who loves you just the way you are. Who likes to see you progress in your own way. Never wants to change you but ever wanting to see the best in you come out.

How do you attract this kind of man?

By treating yourself exactly how you want a man to treat you.

If you want to be treated just the way you are, just make sure that you're comfortable of yourself just the way you are.

If you want a man that is capable of cultivating the best in you, then you should start living a life worthy of growth. Men respect women with standards.

People with standards usually attract people with standards. Allow your standards to show in the outside. Flaunt them like your earrings and let the right man decide whether he can be able to treat you upto those standards. If he can, he'll definitely get intimidated to leave.

A man that loves your career is the right man for you. You can only attract this man if you love the career as well. Treat your career with passion so that you won't attract any man that don't like it. Let it represent you as a person, where you go, and who you interact with.

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Where is he???

This is the most confusing part. Where is the right man.

The right man is out there. He's already born. He does what you like and have all the qualities you need, want and desire in a man.

It's you. You need to be patient. After doing all mentioned above, just be patient and MR RIGHT will eventually apear. Desperation blurrs your rightful vision. It confuses your judgement and puts you in a state insecurity.

Live a life that's about you not about the man. The more you take care of your person, the more the best man for you comes up. Maybe God is protecting him from you right now because you need to adjust and improve something about yourself as a person. Do the obvious and expects the best. He that does the best to see the best deserves the best.

Another thing, which is very important.

Get over your past hurts. Today is another day. Different, filled with positive energy. You've been hurt in the past, it's okay. But never ever bring the hurt of the past to the present.

Live everything behind. Only take with you, even to the future, the lessons that your mistakes have thought you. Live happily and expect the good.

Furthermore, whenever you meet a man or you're ona date, don't try to think about spending your whole life with him. Think about the present and try to showcase whatever kind of person you are. Try to let that man know or notice even the least flattering side of your life. Let the moment be a moment of truth. Not trying to impress but trying to be real ina decent manner.

Be funny if you'te funny. But if you're not, don't try to force humor. Laugh when it's funny but if it's not, don't try to give it a credit.

And one thing I still want to talk about is compatibility.

Make sure that you can tolerate his goals and you can tolerate his. Compatibility is not about being the same. It's about being different but being able to fit each other without trouble. That's why you're a woman and he's a man.

If you have trouble in sorting out your compatibilities during the dating period, don't expect anything different in marriage. This is why it's better to know who you're dating very fast and allow him to do the same in order not to waste your time in relationship that will never work.