Love and Romance: How to Keep Your Marriage HOT

Want to make your marriage HOT?

A HOT marriage is a marriage that lives forever...

With a constant but steamy love making sessions.

It's about what you know...

To make your marriage hot and steamy.

1. What makes a woman is not the dressing or how the skin is toned.

It's about her attitude.

Her confidence makes her sexier than she is.

And a man, his passion for his marriage and wife is what makes him sexy.

His desire for "sexy" makes the wife desirable.

2. Invested time is what makes marriage hot.

Romance needs all your attention, your body and mind.

When time is not invested, both couples cannot enjoy the moment that is mean to be enjoyable.

3. A career chased by couples brings about hot and sensual moments so often.

A wife should never leave her husband to go on a business trip alone.

A husband wanting a lasting hot marriage will go with his wife to the occasional "location" that mean alot to her career.

4. Flaunt your partner to everyone who wants to see or hear.

Make him/her feel the respect coming from the most significant person in their lives; you.

And you marriage shall stay HOT...100C like this...

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