Stop Thinking And Start Doing: The 10 Ways To Lead A Life Of Passion

Understanding your passion is all it takes to remain on a definite 'path' in life. But what about procrastination?

Let's not even talk about that!

Living a life of passion keeps you away from just thinking to thinking and acting!

1. Passion starts from within.

It starts from the deepest of your heart. What you love, without bothering yourself about what others are loving.

To find your passion, you must go through deep self-discovery, then self-actualization. In short, know yourself. I mean everything about you.

2. Do it yourself.

Stand for yourself. You don't have to wait for someone else to tell you where to start and how to walk.

Be a leaner. Learn anything, in fact everything from everyone but never forget to act when you feel like acting. Waiting makes you a late comer! Do it yourself!

3. Allow your passion to run your world.

Let yourself be driven by passion.

Allow yourself to be called crazy and freak while doing it.

Passion is what opens your eye to the real world.

And again, passion is what makes you visible to the real world.

4. Let your passion be your number 1 priority!

Meet others with a shared passion.

Yes, you need company.

Company of those with the same or similar aim as you are.

They have past and they have experience.

You have past and you have experience.

When you meet them and join everything together, everyone becomes motivated and knowledgeable.

5. With time comes mastery.

Never rush into anything.

Life gives you time to learn, time to work and time to unwind.

Take a step at a time.

Learn a chapter at a chapter.

Rest when you have to. Play when you have to. For with time you become the master of your life, your passion as a whole.

6. Identify yourself with your passion.

Set your lifestyle in the direction of your passion. This way, you automatically make everything you do to favour your passion, your love.

When it becomes part of you, it becomes you. After that you won't need any motivational book to keep you moving.

7. Do.

Just do it

Even the smallest part!

Your physical action motivates your creative mind.

By just doing it, no matter how small, you create a path of Doing!

8. Understand that failing is learning.

Yes, you fail and learn from your failure.

Failure comes as a result of lack of sound plan.

Failing is an alarm that brings your attention to where is faulty.

Focus on the faulty, 'til you make it perfect.

9. Use your passion to change the world.

You must believe that you can change the world.

Or atleast if you don't think this is realistic, use your passion to change your world.

Let your aim be that of change; financially or whatever.

When you change your world, you automatically change the world around you. When the effect becomes strong, the whole world gets affected by your decision, your decision in passion.

10. There's no destination.

Life's a journey and it goes on and on.

As you get to a point, you'd like to move to another point.

So never set a limiting goal.

Set goals like you'll live forever. Chase them like the sky has no limit.

Life becomes worthless only when it remains at a point. A life led by passion is a life worth living.