Finding The Power Within Yourself To Have The ‘Just Do It’ Mentality

I did lots of writing today that I just want to lie down or just look for fun somewhere else.

But I feel the need to write and to keep on writing.

Where do I find my motivation?

Where's my motivation?

Yes, the people that feel good whenever they read my work. They are my real motivation.

What if no one's around?

It's only the "just do it" mentality that can help me achieve my goals constantly.

Just do it!

It's the Nike's logo that lifts the company from millions to billions.

Just do it!

It's a self-command. Short and clear but very authoritative.

You don't have to do nothing else, just do it!

Just do the "it"--the DO to the IT.

Nothing else!

Am doing this over and over to get the 3 magic words stuck in your head. This way, you unconsciously have to "just do it" when you need to finish a project.

Without doing it, you stay behind your real aim, the real place you suppose to be.

Only by just doing it, do the minners keep on digging and never miss the gold when it's an inch before sight.

Life's just wonderful when you just do it!

You show yourself you can do it and at the same time motivating others to "just do it" by just doing it.

Everything starts in your head.

Stop making excuses.

Just do it!