Why You Shouldn’t Let Age Get In The Way Of What You Want To Do In Life

Ever heard the saying "age is number?"

Many people don't believe this, but as much as growth and maturity is concerned, age can just be number.

Living in a world filled with opportunities for the young and old, age should never determine your level of confidence.

What matters is how willing you are to make a change in your life...

How willing you are to develop your skills and become professional in your field.

The world around us is the practical example of why age doesn't count in terms of luck, planning and definite goal setting.

Young, middle aged, and old, everybody's making it big!

The fact that you're in your late 20s or 30s doesn't mean that you've already missed out.

No! Many of the world's great men and high achievers become who they are today in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

Nelson Mandela, a very close example reached his real goal when he was already 80.

Yes, Madiba started his movement when he was till young, passed through many heartbreaking situations, but his strong heart told him that life is hope itself.

27 years in prison is okay to kill the dreams of many men in the world.

Today, even after he's gone, he's been celebrated for his braveness and definiteness of purpose.

He is a role model! He's showed the world that age and delay could not and cannot get in the way of what you want to do in life.

Here are some simple tips to work with:

• You're not too young to know what you can offer to the world.

• If you're old, take advantage of your wisdom.

• You're not too old to change the world.

• Every experience, good or bad, has a purpose. Learn to look at the positive side of each and every challenge.

When you feel like your life is moving in a cycle, just know that you're kept there for long for a purpose. And that purpose becomes possible only when you learn to take advantage of whatever that comes your way, whenever it comes, wherever you are and however it is.