Gut Check: 10 Ways Your Body Tells You You’re With The Wrong Man

Even when the A to Z relationship books, religious leaders, relatives and friends tell you that you're with the right person, there's one more prove, a most important step.

YOU! You need to contact your true self. It's a your feeling that will allow any decision to take place especially when it comes to relationship and marriage...

So here are some ways your body tells you you’re with the wrong man, even when the whole world say you're with your Mr Right...

1. Your body shakes around him. No, you're suppose to feel comfortable around the man you will marry. That way, you can tell him anything!

2. The moist calling

If you're healthy but don't feel the moist between your legs during your sensual moments, please get away.

The person you're connected with naturally makes you wet, you don't even need a lubricant. Your vajayjay responds by itself when you're with the right person.

3. You can't sleep well next to him.

In order to sleep you need to be relaxed, your body and soul. Relaxation is a feeling and when it's lacked it's lacken, there's nothing you can do about it. You are definitely not telling me that you're going to spend the rest fo your life half-asleep everynight!

4. You're experiencing heightened anxiety.

This might come as a result of a very important issue being unresolved on your mind. Especially when the feeling is somehow strange to you, you need to do some thinking.

5. You're tired all the time, even if you're sleeping.

This might come as a result of the contemplation, whether you're with the right partner or not. When you're with the right partner, there's no reason for speculation.

6. You have uncontrollable appetite.

This sounds weird but studies have shown that stress, directly or indirectly, affect our appetite. When you don't feel exhausted or tired but your appetite don't seem to be're in a stressful relationship.

7. Your blood pressure has risen.

This looks very random but same as anxiety, blood pressure might get high as a result of pressure concerning the relationship.

8. You have lower back pain.

...... Lower back pain coming from the emotional weight of your relationship. Relationship is made to serve and satisfy the emotions, not to burden it.

8. You don't feel like exercising.

When you're with the wrong partner you probably may come to a stage where you'll lost interest in many things. Things that make you happy. Things that get out of your comfort zone.

9. You're healing slowly.

Researches have shown that people that have negative emotional baggages heal slowly than those with the positive energy. So you can easily analyze whether your feeling is "good" or "not" by observing your healing process.

10. You can't, you just can't

You just don't feel the bond when doing the things couples should do. In some situation you may feel like you're good together but sometimes everything seem empty that you can't even climax.

Love is not a struggle, make a choice today!