Secrets ALL Men Keep From Women

As much as relationship is concerned and feelings are involved, there are secrets you'll never hear from your man.

These secrets are not that bad literally, but a man that respect your feelings (which we usually do) will keep you from them...

1. That he had money issues.

No guy will admit of having money issues just easily. We are the breadwinners and that means that we're the bank. Admitting that we had or we're having money issues is not a good business. We don't want to boost your insecurities.

2. That he was in a career rut

We don't want to let our women know about our bad career struggles. Especially if the story's too rough with lots of defeats.

3. That they need women to look like men.

Women you think we can be strong without you right? The truth is we need you to feel like we're living. We need you as motivation! Our struggles to impress you make us successful. Without your pretty faces, we're not going to struggle to become professionals.

We want you to notice how strong we can be, that's why we look strong and musculine.

4. That he likes to cuddle

Admitting this will make us look too "feminine," so we prefer to keep it under the carpet. But for real, most men like cuddling. We enjoy it as much as you do. We're just tough and want to look tough!

5. That he lies to keep things calm.

We respect your feelings to the extent that we really have to tell "white lies" to keep things calm. And who admits it when he lied?!

6. That he deosn't always understand.

Your man might just be nodding just to agree to agree. We know you've spent time thinking about it and don't want to cause trouble by disapproving, even of we don't understand what you want us to understand.

7. That he just wants sex.

You'll never hear this coming out of his lips. But after being in love for a while, the "steamy sex" will transform to "love making," in which a man would just want to do it for doing sake.

8. That he was looking at another woman.

Yes, you'll get upset and jealeous, but we still can't help it but to look at what catches our eyes. We don't want you getting upset and hurt so we never admit this!

9. That he had fat days.

Anybody can be insecured about his looks, and the fat days are inadmittable.

10. What he really thinks of that dress.

It's just nice. We know that you've spent alot of time to look good in that dress. So what we think is always "nice" not because it's always nice but because "nice" is the simplest answer.

11. Bad memories from the past.

The bad is always left behind. We don't like remembering the past that didn't favour us. So we usually say it's a bad memory.

12. Certain sexual fantasies.

Not all men have sexual fantasies but most men will not admit it. So you trying to be kinky helps him alot in figuring out what to do. Our darkest fantasies might stay underground forever unless you make the effort of exploring them, and it's only by admiting yours.

13. That he sometimes just wants you to shut up.

Unless you have the bold and aggressive man. Most men won't tell you when he wants you to be quite. Instead he'll try to find a way to be with his friends.

14. He does go play ball to spend some time from you.

He loves you and he knows it. But he needs to get away from you for some time to feel "out of the comfort zone" with his friends, then he'll come back to you.

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