10 Signs You’re Just A Side Piece (side chick)

Nobody wants to be on the "reserve bench" in the game of love.

Everybody wants to win, and so we have professional players.

We've players that can play for several teams at a time. That's where chicks are being played.

Women don't want to be losers in the game of love. But in order to be a winner and not a loser, you need to know the tactics the mordern man uses in keeping several side-pieces for long....

Signs you're just a side piece...

1. They turn their phone off around you.

...Making sure that the real woman does not call.

2. They Never Answer Their Phones

Because they don't want you calling around the real one...or even the kids.

3. No definite dates. All you get is a brief hang out session or a rendezvous.

4. You'll be in the relationship for long without meeting any of his reasonable brothers, friends, cousines or even a family.

5. He don't invite you to his home. Even if you want to, he'll find a way out...mostly getting you overwhelmed by material gifts and promises in order to conceal the suspense.

6. They're not on facebook. Professional players know that facebook is a disaster. Still wondering why??? Wait and think deeply, take a deep breath and you shall know why.

7. They'll be on twitter but will never allow you to tag their pic.

8. Other women are starting to mumble about you. Like a desease and a symptom, like alcohol addiction with its long term effects, the player's home might get weary of the game. So, indirectly it'll start coming back to you....women mumbling!

9. You're always travelling.

Taking you on a trip just for the weekend or sometimes working days.

10. Always saying "am a private person" or let's keep this between us" you need to check out the authenticity of the secrecy.

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