How Does Your Right Life Partner Supposed to Be Like Before Marriage?

Am here again contemplating about life and the future.

My thoughts are been diverted to marriage and how to get the right life partner.

This is as much important as women are also searching for Mr right.

I think the right partner must be much compatible to you.

Although the differences are ideal and virtually important for living, you've got to have same same opinion on issues especially those related to your family living pattern.

You are going to live together for long, so your lives purpose to be a bit compatible to some certain level.

Differences are accepted.

Differences in lifestyle and attitude but the majority of your opinions should be similar and agreeable instead of argumentative.

Having a happy long lasting family is all that matters in life.

Peace is the source of that happiness

A peaceful mind is a creative mind.

Peaceful family members help each other without questions.

Happy to help, happy to represent and happy to defend.

So the essence of courtship is to help the two partners to understand all this essential part of living.

It is a foundation for a future and it has to be planned with much care.

Do not hesitate to ask questions.

Allow your partner to know you and whatever, about your lifestyle, attitude and opinion.

Surely, you have to be well acquainted but most of all, pray hard.

Choosing a life partner is more crucial than making a career choice.

You shouldn't be insecured with each other during your courtship either, but if in the process of getting acquainted something starts to bug in, do not hesitate to discuss.

Solve every little problem before moving a step further.

On every acquaintance, your love and trust suppose to keep increasing at a certain but moderate speed.

As you understand each other more and more, there would be some magnetic attraction that is capable of keeping you together right within your hearts.

As you become more familiar, the two of you will enjoy the company of each other.

When the opposite happens you really need to check out yourselves thoroughly before getting further.

One of the negative vibes or rather physical trait that can easily predict a wrong or obvious unsuccessful relationship is jealousy.

The reason for this common trait might not be so clear, but you feel it and it's uncontrollable.

Another negative sign is insecurity.

You are insecured about the movement of your supposed partner, trying to hide something without actually having a genuine reason.

If you cannot solve this, you really have to part ways.

You need to be transparent with your date but if you still can't build trust and the passion seem to be uncontrollably fading, you got to be more careful.

The solution is not to jump randomly from date to date but your key is prayer.

Allow God to rule over this, and all shall be perfected.

Do not be the paranoid type either, learn to trust people but avoid rushing into relationship because of material things.