How To Get Rid Of Swollen Gums Fast At Home - With Braces or After

Common swollen gums occur due lack of regular cleaning and flossing.

Here's how to get rid of swollen gums with or without braces fast using natural remedies and alternatives alike.

Swollen gums can cause more complications if not cured as fast as possible.

What causes swollen gums?

As I said earlier, it can be caused by lack of proper cleaning, irregular flossing, using bad toothbrush or toothpaste and scratching the space between the gum and tooth with either sticks or residual bones.

Other swellings of the gum arose as a result of the symptoms of tooth problems mostly gingivitis (click to learn about cure) and Periodontitis in which you can get rid of swollen gums at home by circumventing either the symptoms or targeting the cause at home.

Ways to get rid of swollen gums

Dental cleaning.

This is a form of self tooth flossing that involves using some sharp but secure objects in removing plaques on the tooth fast.

Plaque is the solid milk coloured or pale yellow food residue that build around the tooth bracket causing irritation to the gum.

It is the common cause of gingivitis and when it grows around the bracket with support of multiple bacterias, it causes inflammation which is first recognized by either gum bleeding or swollen gum.

Use the tongue to self examine around the bracket for plaque to get rid of swollen gums faster.

Start using ortho brush morning, afternoon and the last thing before you go to bed.

Intense cleaning helps to subside swellings as the plaque reduce in size.

If you're unable to get rid of swollen gum using the self flossing technique, you may need an Orthodontist to schedule flossing periods to keep a lasting healthy tooth.

You'd also like to stop using braces if you do, in order to get the gum subside to the minimum.

Avoid regular touches and shaking of teeths in order to hasten your healing process.

After every morning brushing, dab the toothpaste (preferably one with gel) around the brackets and gargle the mouth as a form of rinsing with warm water.

Some sources recommend using mouthwash that contain chlorhexidine, which helps the gum to regain it's firmness.

So you can implement this to get rid of swollen gums but do not use chlorhexidine mouthwash after your aim is achieved to avoid teeth staining, which are mostly complained.

Home remedies to get rid of swollen gums


Add half teaspoon of regular salt into a glass cup of warm-hot water.

Gargle several times until you've finished the liquid.

Do this 3 times to get rid of swollen gums at home.

Do the first after cleaning your teeth in the morning while the last after cleaning before going to bed.

This procedure also helps to control mouth odour as well as keeping the teeth strong.

Before or after gargling, use the tip of your finger to massage the gums causing a continuous flow of blood.

This brought us to proper hydration and increase of metabolism.

Cranberry juice.

This is the second home remedy that works in killing infections causing swellings in the mouth.

Drink cranberry juice that does not contain sugar which contains enough vitamin to work within and outside.

You can combine the use of table salt in gargling and cranberry juice for fast relief.

Lemon juice or fresh lemon.

Most recommended, lemon should be added to a sugarless tea to give a taste therefore soothing pains arosing from swollen gums.

Fresh lemon juice can be also effective, as well as orange and pineapple.

If you're trying to get rid of swollen gums with braces, take the irons out for a while.

Other good ways to get rid of swollen gums quickly

• Use aloe vera leaves as a brush. Scrub it on your teeth and rinse with room temperatured water.

If your mouth still taste bad take some fruit in.

• Use listerine but you need to brush after every meal.

Thirty minutes without cleaning your tooth after meal means supporting the swelling.

Baking soda being a part of home remedies to get rid of swollen gums can be used when mixed with room temperatured water.

Change your cleaning mode from up and down to side to side.

Other self making fast home remedies include oil of castor seeds, Bishop's weed, powder of alum (to be applied around gums), antiseptic mouthwash, henna (tea), Lawsonia inermis (tea as well), grounded ginger, babul tree extract (tea), rose flower and twig of the sheesham tree to reduce your swelling successfully.

Atleast one might be at your disposal.

• Rub cordsyl gel twice or thrice a day.

During brush and before bed for how to get rid of swollen gums fast.

If you can, sleep off with it as another good remedy to reduce gum swelling at home.

Get a dental pick after braces or if you have them now, remove to become natural.