How To Get Rid Of Swollen Lips Fast From Kissing and Sunburn

Definitely sunburn cause swellings on the lip faster than kissing. So we're discussing how to get rid of swollen lips fast from kissing and sunburn using some artificial natural and home remedies. Learn the basics before implementation.

Tips to get rid of swollen lips fast

1. Cold Compress.
Use cold compress on the lips over and over until the swelling subsides. It might be as a form of ice block, ice water or ice pack. The more coolness the faster you can get rid of swollen lips fast using cold compress.

2. Hydrocortisone cream.
If you decide to use cool water compress, add hydrocortisone cream inside the water before soaking a washcloth and apply to the lips. This is very important to avoid irritating the delicate lip skin with direct application of hydrocortisone cream, very important.

3. Aloe vera gel.
Either by squeezing Aloe vera leaves to extract fresh juice or using the refined gel, you can get rid of swollen lips by just applying to the mouth area. Even if the burn is painful, the pain will subside before the bump will gradually give way in not more than 5 hours.

4. Vitamin E.
Moisturize vitamin E oil by massaging the lips during application. Vitamin E oil was said to work faster than Aloe vera in getting rid of swollen lips. Just avoiding anything that may cause irritation to the lips until the swelling reduces to the minimum.

5. Black Tea Bag.
Obvious! Remove black tea bag from warm water and place on your swollen lips for good 10 minutes, then dip your mouth into a cool water. Repeat this easy process 3 to 4 times today and rub petroleum jelly after the last measure. You need to make your lip very acceptable to the treatment.

6. Time and cure.
Do not leak or bite the lips. So apply vesseline is very important to keep you away from leaking your lips unconsciously. This applies to how to get rid of swollen lips from kissing. Inasmuch as you have no irritations, sores or burns around the mouth area, your immune system is ready to help. So get hydrated to put the system into work while resting enough.

7. Total cure.
In order to reduce swollen lips from sunburn anytime you're at the beach, cut down on too much salt and drink so much amount of water. Eat more vitamin B foods and reduce stress in your life as much as possible. This sound some easy tasks, but are very important as a whole.

Preventive ways to get rid of swollen lips fast

Either from kissing or sunburn, here are some preventive ways to stop the occurrence of puffy lips. They're very easy and short.

• Wash the mouth with mild soap, rinse well and apply excessive vaseline or petroleum jelly, every night.

• First thing in the morning after cleaning your teeth, wash the lips with antiseptic soap and apply same vaseline oil.

Do not be too aggressive on your lips. For how to get rid of swollen lips fast from kissing, you need to understand how the skin starting from your lip line into your mouth are so delicate. So just be soft and lean not on chemicals.