Reflecting Back on My 2013 Goals

2013 has been unexpectedly a great year for my life personally.

I did alot of things, crossed many bridges, learned many things and developed more skills.

Everyday in my life, I like counting my blessings.

I love counting what I learnt about life. Knowledge is a blessing to me because it gives me ideas, helps my creativity and usually a backbone to my "Work-less Earn-more Principle"; a principle of being smart rather than working hard.

The knowledge I acquire this year's bountiful. Yes, it's so weird and unusual that all a man can testify about his accomplishment is knowledge and understanding. But it means alot.

I think I've built a foundation in 2013.

I think I discovered what the world's going to know me for.

I've discovered what can never work for me and what will definitely work for me.

In fact, I went through deeper self-actualization processes in the last 5 months of the year that I can now confidently say "this is what I want to do" and "this is what I don't want to do" with my life.

I've discovered the things that can make me happy.

I learnt that hardwork does not always promise success. And you might work hard and end up frustrated.

So within the year, I decided to take my professions and skills to the next level. I decided to learn and learn and never stop learning 'til I start to feel like a perfect learner. And I did!

Though I know there are many things I should learn in life in 2014, I have the confidence that I can be whatever I want to be with what I've achieved in 2013.

I also learn that no matter what the people around you are doing, you have the power to control your life and to make decisions for yourself.

I also learned that your decisions have a funny way of coming back to you. If you decide to do wrong or hurt someone, it will surely come back to you.

I learned that living right and loving ALL is not an option, but an obligation that every mankind should follow. Every man that needs peace and prosperity, spiritually and physically, must learn to live rightly with the people around him.

There are things, material things, spiritual things, that I wish to have achieved in 2013, but I did not.

I made mistakes, never to do them again. I was lazy in some cases. But in some cases I was too serious that I couldn't recognize the blessing on its arrival.

Yes, I've experienced alot of heartbreaking issues. This year I had the highest number of doctors' appointments in my whole life. I dealt with so many health issues. But still, I think am getting to be a better man. Better than I was.

I did not allow my wounds to transform me into someone am not.

My experiences in 2013, though overwhelming, have caused me to realize that I have to stand on my feet and face life the way it is.

They thought me how to walk even around troubles and tribulations. But best of all, they helped me discover how precious I am to many people in the world.

Thanks 2013. You have thought me that If I can just live in my truth, I will be able to obtain whatever my heart desires. And as long as I live, I will never forget you.