5 Motivational Mistakes That Sound Like Good Ideas

Motivation is the ground for every great achievement. In order to create a sound goal and hold on to it for long, proper motivation practices are needed. But what if you're using the wrong book as a motivational guide?

Here are 5 mistakes you should avoid about motivation....

5. Affirmation.

Affirmation is one of the best method of auto-suggestion, and surely the easiest medium for motivation. But affirmation does not work when not given proper kewords, relevant to what you desire to achieve.

Do not lie to yourself. Speak for real! Affirm for real, and your confidence shall be built towards a realistic goal.

4. Creative visualization.

This is an art of imagination which involves visualizing yourself where you want to be, in a relaxation state, without thinking about the possibility or the process how you'll get there.

At first, with enthusiasm, I thought creative visualization would work for good, but let me assure you; creative visualization is a sure-fire way to not achieve anything. It keeps you stucked in the fantasy zone and before you know it, you have spent the whole day imagining a better world while your body's here.

3. Willpower.

That strong self-discipline that makes you do anything anytime. It's a great motivation to have control towards your impulses. But a willpower, not governed by a sound decisive mind is bound to create havoc to your motivation.

You just can't do everything you can. Apart from willpower, you need the intelligence to do things in favour of your emotions, goals and relationships.

2. Reward

After you're done with a task, the practice of rewarding self is really nice. But what about the reward, irrelavant to keep you in the achievers zone.

You only get motivated when the reward directly staires your satisfaction about the work done. Such rewards include, finding the benefit of every finished task and putting them into record.

1. Punishment.

Punishing yourself or someone else in the form of scolding is very motivational. It's a painful, but strong forceful motivation that gets you into work, with all persistency.

But wait, what about the emotional consequences of punishment? So only when it's done moderately and purposefully, can you be able to benefit from it.

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