Grow Your Mind: How to Function on a Mature Mental Level

Is maturity all about age and responsibility?

There's more to that! Without being too old or too young, you can start developing a matured mental intelligence, NOW!

1. Learn to let go your past behind and only use your past experiences as lesson learned.

2. Learn to use emotional breakdowns as a way to become stronger in the future.

3. Think positive about yourself when expereincing emotional pains, knowing that it's soon come to an end.

4. Use logics in finding the reasons for the negative situations, not emotions. That's why the brain is up there!

emotional maturity

5. Sometimes instead of avoiding or running away from an emotional problem, try to face it, solve it, and move on with thr knowledge, to be applied for conquering problems.

6. Deal with your anger, overwhelming attitude. When rage is controlled, almost every action remains on a rational level of control.

7. Acknowledge the need to behave maturedly for the sake of loved ones. Determined to not become a shame to your family.

8. Take extra responsibilities as a matured-mind individual, in your home or office. Thus manifests your maturity, magneting respect form all witnesses.

9. Learn the active listening techniques, for proper understanding of issues, and the emotions following an expression.

emotional maturity in a relationship

10. Introduce yourself to a relevant meditation and quiet time sessions. It improves your calming habits and logical approaches toward everything.

11. Be curious about anything intellectual. Knowledge dwells in the mind of whom seeketh and wisdom in the mind of him that's humble to learn. Not learning everything, but something of benefit to your intellects.

12. Maturity works closely with purpose. Set your lifetime goals and use every opportunity as a chance to move forward. This will tune your behaviour to a more matured rhythm.

emotional maturity in children

13. Never forget your spirituality. Tap into your faith and spriritual wisdom when you need to solve complicated problems. Spiritual maturity is more precious than anything, because when it's manifested, all other behaviours become of a matured nature.

14. Be kind to everyone, everything and anywhere. Matured people don't descriminate, keep malice, nor unruly judgements.

Maturity is not being overly serious, chauvanistic, ideological, aggressive, manipative or desperate. Maturity is consistency, patience, and controllable. It's neither a chance to be cynical, exhibit superiority, nor to be resentfully insecured.