10 Mind Maps: How to Avoid Confusion in Study and Work

Do you often get confused in the middle of a project or task that require insight? Learn the basics of avoiding and dealing with confusions in different areas of life.

1. Comparison and contrast. Get your pen and a paper. Make 2 columns with a list in each: the first one write "my interests and abilities" and on the other side, "my weaknesses and difficulties. Only using this will you be able to compare and contrast your thinking. This clarification will lead to a higher knowledge of self, away from confusion.

2. Pick out the areas of your interests and abilities to start exploring them right away. Ask questions. The internet is handy. Make researches and develop relationship with educators.

3. Develop a steady enthusiasm in the areas of your interests and strenghts. Explore more about your abilities by going deeper in your interests. Develop your skill if you need to.

4. Focus on just one thing, only that thing, one at a time, until it's comete. Do not confuse your situation by setting different unrelated goals at a time. Learn the skill to perform a task at an instant. If you're not going to do it now, there's no need of seeking the skill now. Just focus on what you need now, something not out of your reach.

5. Persist on your plans and decisions. Keep on doing what you decided to do, after that wild research. The days are not the same and in each, we experience different challenges. But with a burning desire for accomplishment, non of the troubles of the day can make an impossibility out of our strenghts.

6. Develop a positive habit, a very important effort on yout run to success. Positivity grows in the heart with time and desire. Desire to face everything in a positive manner and thus shall be reflected back on your mind, building a stronger inner peace and peaceful manifestations.

7. Improve your character, personal skills and appearance. All this 3 factors, when improved, makes us fairly stronger in handling situations. Sell-improvements paves a path to organized thinking and logical approach, intellectually, almost towards everything.

8. Never quit halfway through. A goal becomes profitable only when it's completed. Lack of completation of tasks cause the subconscious mind to be frustrated, thus losing the ability to handle confusive situations.

9. Build your spiritual faith and beliefs. Believe in something. Have confidence in something. Believing that you're blessed and goal you set, either study or work, is going to be a blessing gives you all the confidence and fearlessness to pursue everything with a relaxed mind. And when the mind is relaxed, it can handle lots of complicated issues without bitterness.

10. Stop complaining and always be thankful. Appreciation, when shown wholeheartedly, converts into more blessings and abundance. And this abundance might be in a form of thinking skills, knowledge, promotion at work, emotional intelligence, etc.

Do not be so obsessed about avoiding confusions. They are part of the daily challenges needed to build you to a stronger being. Instead of planning to avoid it, face it, deal with it, and learn from the experience. Let go of fears of failure, doubts and insecurities. They are just feelings, to ignore or embrace.