Photographic Memory: How to Learn Speed Reading

1. Time your current reading speed. Knowing the time you spent reading a particular piece of information will keep you motivated. And a motivated reader is always fast.

speed reading exercises

2. Create a challenging reading duel. Commit to reading out a piece of information loudly and fast. Repeat, till you can read that information at a minimum time. Online reading speed test might be a good alternative.

3. Get away from distractions. Get rid of anything, including phones, crowded environment and radio, capable of limiting your concentrattion. The more you concentrate, the more you learn the better reading skills needed for fast readers.

4. Determine the needed speed for a particular piece of information by deciding the time limitt you need to comprehend the writing. Different writings require different reading speeds, all imposed by the reader through proper practice.

5. Learn to skim "filler" part of every content. Just focus on the particular purpose for reading a particular writing.

speed reading

6. Avoid rereading and be determined not to reread. By consciously knowing that you are not going to reread a text, you automatically employ an undistractible reading technique. No matter how amazing a point is, it gets into the mind as usual get processed.

7. Do not pronounced a word to yourself, either through wisper, loud or under your breath. Pronoucing every word while reading slows you down to the minimum speed.

8. Read with your hands, not just your eyes. You can increase the speed of your reading by moving the hands quickly as your eyes follow the movement.

speed reading techniques

9. Read word-blocks instead of words. The best way to start this is by employing the traditional sentence structure, and read them as structured. For example, the subject, object, compliment.

fast reading

10. Never constrain yourself from rereading when you feel it's important. You learn and improve by experience, slowly but cosistently.

11. Take a break whenever you feel the need. It keeps your eyes healthy and provids a fit for re-motivation.

12. Read a book that you've already read. This way, you cam employ the reading speed you crave.

13. Beware of your level of comprehension, compared to your speed. When you find it hard to comprehend, slow down and let the reading speed-up naturally.

14. Sleep well or take a nap whem you feel a bit of dizziness. Proper nap provids you with the alertness needed to keep a definite focus.