9-step Guide to Brain Training: How to Improve Your Thinking Skills

Want to develop an intelligent thinking capacity? Concentrate on this self-help tips for your change.

thinking pic

1. Start from deep breathing. Breath from your belly, and out slowly. Take several slow breathes to calm yourself down, introducing your mind to a deeper realm of analytical and logical thinking.

thinking man

2. Chew gum when trying to solve an insightic prblems. Chewing gum improves blood flow to the brain, promoting organized thinking and high concentration.

3. Sleep 8 hours flat each 24 hours, and in the dark. Information are well processed in the brain when we sleep in the dark, which helps our thinking and knowledge.

kid thinking about math

4. Perform arm circles for improved logic.

kid reading and thinking

5. Involve in some brain games like brainteasers and puzzles. All video games improve our thinking skills but not as effective as puzzles and brainteasers.

thinking monkey

6. Get hydrated. Take enough liquid, pure water preferribly, to flush out toxins that cause dizziness and lack of concentration.

thinking animal

7. Eat fish oil, foods that contain omega-3s, and forget about sodas and chocolate. Other foods that boost brainpower can be found here.

thinking man statue

8. Set a timer when accumulating a specific information or when carrying out a logical task. If you can complete a task within a minute today, tomorrow, you should be able to finish in less than a minute. Keep reducing the time; 30s, 20s 15s, down to the possible minimum.

kid thinking bubble

9. Meditate every morning and before you go to bed. Meditation is more of relaxation technique, which allows you to look deep into your inner self, through visualization.