How to Read a Book Thoroughly

1. Start from a challenging book from your list. You more likely to read several books thoroughly to the end when you start from the less interesting and challenging ones.

2. Aquire the books using thr cheapest means possible. Borrowing a book from a library is agood option to stay motivated and just start

girl reading a book

3. Secure a note book for each book on your reading list. Jote down interesting and important points, and their pages.

4. Extract "new words", jote them down and use them according to the learned subject.

5. After reading each book, write down a detailed summary. Review them after completing your reading list.

6. Ask knowledgeable people about some confusing details in the book.

kid reading book

7. Employ a speedy reading skill. Learn more here!

girl reading book under tree

8. Do internet research about the entire book, topics, character or a fact. You might found an updated detail, very important.