How to Force Yourself to Read Novels if You're Too Busy and Dislike Reading

1. Discover the reason behind your dislike, and deal with it

2. Visit the library. You can find interesting books.

3. Discover your interest. Inasmuch as you're interesting in something, a book has been written about it. Search the internet, of you can't find any in your local book store.

4. Ask liberians of new imports, the interesting ones are there.

5. Try classic novels such as harry porter, Through the Looking Glass, etc.

6. Start reading ebooks. Most of them are short and interesting. Amazon kindle is a great option!

7. Reading is not a core, think it like this! Just the way some people listen to music to relax others prefer reading. So, developing the interest is what matters, not forcing it.

8. Never judge a book with it's title. If you're in a doubt, read the synopsis. Most synopsis do ignite curiosity.

9. Find a cool undistractible reading location. Staying focused on reading a book requires a "focused" environment.

10. Include reading in your schedules. It might be as simple as "15 minutes before bed" or "10 minutes before you leave." Just be certain with your reading plans.

11. Kill the TV, phone, radio, play station ,etc. Create a favourable reading moment and yea shall READ.

12. Bribe yourself to read or simply, promise yourself a week of night outs after you're done with the book. You might even device an instant gifting sessions after every chapter. It's fun!

13. If you still can't read a novel, try audio books. Starting from improving your reading fluency to increasing your language organization, audio books ignites your ethusiasm towards stories, which are usually pursued through reading.

14. Reading is fun, do it only for fun. If not academic, never force yourself to read no boring piece.

15. Read to others. Read to younger people. Make them enjoy the moment, while you're developing an interest.