Guru Hack: How to Exercise Your Brain for Better Thinking Skills

effects of exercise on the brain

Every creativity is as a result of organized thoughts, put into work.

Understand the logics of developing a higher level of intellects and mental rationalism, HERE!

1. Improve your memory with this amazing strategies:

To remember what you need for a study, imagine walking to the class.

Or simply, to remember a shopping list, imagine yourself walking or driving to the store. As you start up your car to the shopping mall, imagine the items in an incongrous images. When you arrive the mall, retrace your imagined steps mentally, as you pick out those items.

2. Rewrite notes in an abreviated form, and try to read them completely without looking up the meaning. Repeat when you make mistakes till you reach a definite point.

3. Improve your reading speed. Read books and magazine you find interesting. Skim when you feel like and avoid rereading a text.

4. Talk to yourself, with yourself. Thinking aloud is one of the best and most recommended forms of thinking, allowing us to process multiple strands of important informations at once.

An optimistic mind learns with time and consistency, the opposite suffers the negative effects. So be yea optimistic, for the mind needs time and positive begaviour to improve.