Do You Make These 10 Mistakes In A Conversation?

Are you a good conversationalist???

I don't think you know. Exploring the follwing conversational mistakes will help you in improving your social skills.

Do you make these mistakes?

1. Not listening.

Don't just wait for your voice to be heard, learn to listen. With that you acquire great knowledge.

2. Asking too many questions

People don't want to feel like they're being interrogated. Replace some questions with a statement by sharing a similar experience.

3. Tightening up.

There's nothing to talk about and now you're stucked, awkward as anything. Yes, it's because you don't listen to news, nothing new from you. Just employ a positive emotional state.

4. Poor delivery.

Bad language; you got the point but you lack better presentation skills. So your point becomes vague. Slow down, speak aloud like you love your voice, and clearly, like you believe in yourself.

5. Hogging the spot-light

Don't hijack attention. People love to be heard just like you do. And nothing makes you a jerk than interrupting an interesting view in a group conversation.

6. Having to be right.

You've all the right to be right, to make all opinions, clear with assertion. But you can't be always right. Trying to argue everytime someone tries to corrects you makes you a bad conversationalist no one would like to have a shot with.

7. Being Boring.

We're all guilty of this, but sometimes we become boring without even realizing it. The best way to stay interesting is to be short and clear, and the next best, stayng positive in your conversation. Also, be interested!

8. Not reciprocating

People share it because they expect to hear it. After you're done listening to their heart, do not be afraid to pour yours.

9. Not contributing much.

Bring up a topic too. Regardless of your gender, being a good conversationalist require a fresh contribution from you. Be good in observation and analogy, and you shall be interesting.

10. Talking about a weird or negative topic

People want to hang out in order to derive positive energy from interracting with people. Talking about your bad relationship or your pitiable financial situation is a huge turn off. Try to be positive and less self-critical when having a conversation among acquaintances.