38 Ways to step out of your comfort zone and into new opportunities

Life begines at the end of your comfort zone... get out of your comfort zone

1. Do that thing you've been avoiding either because of your lack of interest, fear of the unknown or danger.

2. Hire the latest sports car and go for a drive.

3. Listen to a favourite audio book or let someone read it aloud.

4. Go for a slow long walk.

5. Unplug from technology

6. Spend an idle time listening to family member's jokes and foolings (very important)

7. Make a cold tea during the day

8. Stare at an object you've never noticed or admired before.

9. Take a long drive to a city or village you've never been before.

10. Play brainy games (e.g sudoku)

11. Go barefoot around the house, or even outside, when ut's safe.

12. Eat an orange.

13. Go to the fish pond (believe me it's fun)

14. Go to a museum (not barefoot), find one great painting, and stare at it

15. Lay on the ground, stare at stars (don't count, it's hectic)

16. Watch the sun as it goes down

17. Go to nearest park (I've done this many times)

18. Play card games

19. Feed the wild birds or the squirrels that come around

20. Be lazy: this way

21. Take your pet for a long walk.

22. Take a long nap

23. Stay up at night and sleep at dawn.

24. Spend the whole day in your bathrobe at home, or in your pajama pants outside.

25. Avoid and stop shopping for a while.

26. Check your facebook regularly, consistently.

27. Or twitter

28. Am not serious about the previous 2

29. Cook something traditional or fancy.

30. Go and watch the nearest water bodies (ocean, rivers, lakes.

31. Go out in the yard with your favorite book and a big glass of juice

32. Drink wine with lunch

33. Listen to a favorite album straight through

34. Get a massage.

35. Step out of your comfort zone: this way

life begins at the end of your comfort zone wallpaper

36. Take a train ride.

37. Ride a Horse.

38. Gain altitude: go to the uppermost floors of a tall building, or atop the nearest hill

Add what you do to get out of your comfort zone that is not mentioned here, in the comments.