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It has come to my notice that some devastating characters are using the internet to manipulate people's beliefs about the possibilities of anything.

I've observe that intuitions about jamb score has been diversely distracted to the wrong direction.

The fall is a result of the acts of desperate hustlers, who want to use the internet to make money, and no matter how.

Beware! Upgrading your jamb scores is only possible when you upgrade your thinking.....gross right?

I don't intend to manipulate your emotions by faking around. My intention is never to make you happy by deceit. That's why I want to say "it's impossible to upgrade jamb scores" on the internet. And anybody that promise that, is a manipulator.

Many are out here to make money and it doesn't matter how they make it, in as much as they can get you and your friends and your other friends to pay for the "nothing they want to offer.

They are desperate just like you are. But the difference is that you need admission, while they need money. And money is above that, as much as psychology is concerned.

Enough of the ramble!


I've compiled everything you need for scoring high in jamb and other exams, and wherever. It is the psychological stuff. But most of the tips given are proved by prof. Wale Soyinka. Did I spell it well?

If you really want to make something out of life, worth speaking, intelligency should be your ground breaking force.

And if you think you can't re-write jamb... It never hurts to try again. The gold might be an inch before the miners stop.

When you don't see changes, year after year, just know that you're using the wrong method. You're on the wrong path, wishing to arrive at your dream land.

Repeating the same thing over and over while expecting different result is the beginning of insanity.

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