15 rules of attraction: How To Make Anyone (And Everyone) Want You

Do you want to make everyone like you without much effort?

There are many ways you to gain the like of any without being somebody else.

1. Be yourself.

This might sound shallow and usual but it's a strong factor of building a likeable personality. Don't try to act like her because you want her to approve your person. People hate to see another them. So let somebody love you just the way you are.

2. Self-respect True love is respect and that respect starts from you. You must strive to respect your personality through consistency in character, lifestyle, choices and attitude.

3. Centered.

The qualities of centeredness include gracefullness, peacefullness, assurdness: strong, free and focused. People that exert such character traits are not just likeable but charming. They've got all the ideas and are calm in projecting what they know when needed. They are not desperate, but gentle, humble and meek. Proper meditation is the only shortcut to centeredness.

4. Be grateful

Gratitude fuels generosity and magnitize love. People who exhibit gratefulness for something as little as "attention alone" tend to draw more love from anybody who witnesses their attitude. Being grateful defines a free spirit in you. That's why the character traits should be exerted both spiritually and physically, for it to become a permanent attitude.

5. Live your truth.

Truthfulness brings joy to the heart and peace to the mind. There's a joy knowing that people like you for the truth about you. The knowledge brings about the multiplication of the joy, which manifest physically as happiness--an undying one. Who don't like people that are constantly happy?

6. Know what you want

Be true to what you want and follow your heart. People with such conviction are attractive because their mind is always logical about how and where to get that thing they want.

7. Love.

Do not search for a reason before you love! Just be convinced that everybody's supposed to be treated with respect, and love breeds love. Show love and you shall gain love in return. You only get hurt for love if you have histories due to your inconsistency.

Furthermore, love your family. Love your career. Love your goals. Love your land. Love everything that is easy to love. Love everything that you hated for long. For when love is everything about you, love is what you'll get from everything, everyone.

8. Personal hygiene.

This include dressing properly, smelling good and feeling good about your physical. You don't have to look elegant, for you might hurt people's self-esteem. Just be presentable.

9. Speak up.

Talk when you want to. Speak up your idea and morals. Do what you say. Respect what you said. Do not force yourself to talking because you don't say reasonable things by force. Take pride of your appropriatness and live with an uncompromising standard.

10. Smile.

Smile signifies compassion. And the benefit is, you don't just make people happy to approach you but make yourself feel compassionate, which would get manifested physically as warmness--most lovable amd outgoing.

11. Surround yourself with positive stuffs.

Starting from people, job, house, and loved ones. Make sure you love everything you're doing. Get away from bad people, even if they are family members. Do not allow people or situations to manipulate you or your emotions. Live the better you and you shall become likeable.

12. Good friends.

Avoid bad companies! This is more like the mother's advice. You are the average of the first 5 people you spend time with. Who are you? It determines how others see you and how you are going to be treated.

Most importantly, avoiding negative people makes you emotionally balance, as you attach yourself with honest positive friends

13. Have time for others.

People need more than attention from you. They need more than the "nice gesture". Spending valuable time with people give them a sense of value, to value your company, which increases your esteem.

They feel it, talk about it and now everybody is unconsciously obsessing over spending time with you. They want you!

14. Relax and Have fun.

Don't be too accurate, for no one is expecting perfection from no one. Don't be too serious, for no creativity is gained out of intensified seriousness. Don't be timid, for it repels attention. Do not look disturbed, no one is interested in problem.

15. Be confident.

Step out of your comfort zone. People are striving hard to become confident and outgoing socially and are constantly avoiding anything that will make them nervous--your lack of confidence make people nervous. Being confidence is a sure-fire way to be approachable.

Never ever go hustling for attention. Being a seeker kills all attraction. Desperate people are infatuated...and who wants to be used and dumped?

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