11 Secret Ways To Be Healthy When You're Broke

1. Find foods you love, and find ways to work them into everything.

Women know much about this. You can always manipate onion in to different meals...

2. Discover old family recipes.

Old family recipes are cheap and easy to cook, and amazingly, most of those foods are healthy and nutritious.

3. Stop using feed supplement, make your own.

Do not spend a lot on finished product if you can finish it yourself. Most fresh foods are more healthier than supplements. All those powder stuffs....you know what I mean.

4. Starch wisely.

Starch is starch, and if starch is starch rice can replace yam, beans to yam, garri to beans, vegetables; carrots and all those cheap nutrients--you can keep your body in good shape without spending much.

5. Make soup instead.

Depending on your choice, soup demands less expenditure....compared to other fancy puddings. Water and vegetable are great source of nourishment...

6. Buy frozen fruits.

Frozen fruits are always cheaper than fresh ones. And they last long before perishing.

7. Free meals...

They call it "pot luck" and I know you understand very well when foods and friends are pronounced together....

Okay...share recipes, do a cook swap and enjoy the good moment.

8. Respect those snacks.

You don't have to eat cooked food or fresh fruits completely. When you feel like you're not too hungry, take some snack and get hydrated.

9. Go for a bike.

You don't have to use car all the way. To cut down on fuel consumption, invest on a bike or even a bicycle. This would leave you with enough "change" to eat healthy foods.

10. Opt-out from unnecessary membership.

Either association or professional training, cancel every membership and use that money for primary need alone.

11. Walk. You can walk to your office or friend's place to exercise your body, which is very important to burn fat and toxins.