Tips on Shaping Your Butt and Getting Rid of Under Bum Fat

There are different vain ways experts promise women on shaping their bums and getting rid of the annoying under bum fat. Today am going to talk about the realistic measures taken by different women around the world in making bum firm and attractive.

Most of this ways of shaping butt are confirmed to work by women that have gone through the vigorous experiment of body training.

Shaping the bum

1. Start doing squats with a 25 lbs dumbell and do 50 every night.

Do (5 sets of 10) and 20 donkey kicks on each leg.

2. Start 2 minute wall sits and 75 squats every day.

3. Butt popping and booty bridges.

All you need is a yoga mat or a towel or a roll ball.

You're going to lie down flat on the grown, hands by your side and lift your self from the butt, making your thights and your trunk aligned.

This way you lower down and lift repeatedly until you're tired or 20 to be exact.

4. In and out.

Have your legs pushed infront a bit, after laying flat on the mat on your back. Lift yourself like the steps above and open wide your thighs and close. Open and close atleast 20 times, while your hands lay flat on the ground.

5. Pulsing bridge

Just as above posture, lower and lift your butt using the pelvice joint. Start rocking back and forth like you're having sex for 20 times also.

6. One leg lift.

Without changing position, lift one leg up and do the lifting and lowering. You switch leg after a 10 or twenty lifts.


Basic bridge should be carried out once a day and 20 times.

During the basic bridge butt exercise, make sure the bum touches the ground while lifting to the highest literal point.

How to do kneeling hip extension

Position yourself as the lady above. Make sure your back is straight and your kneels are directly underneath your hip.

Start with the left leg:

Take your leg all the way up to the celing and take it back down 20 times.

You need to concentrate on the effects of your leg movement on the hip. Make sure you don't displace your hands or the other leg while performing this bum workout and your back must remain flat.

To get the most benefit. After placing your hands apart, bring your left hand close to the right while doing for the right leg and vice-versa.

The only thing that should be moving is that leg going up and down.

These are the best ways to improve your butt without going through surgery. Make sure you share this page to your friends to help them look good from the bum.