4 smart things to do when you hate your sister's boyfriend

Ever find yourself hating your sister's boyfriend?

You just can't stand him, and the worst part is your sister is crazy in love.

Here's what to do:

1. Seduce him, when he tries to fall in love, let him fall on the ground.

This is a sure-fire way of dealing with people you don't love. Men are crazy as dogs, with a polygamous mindset. Regardless how committed he is to your sister, he can never ever resist flesh.

Make him to fall in love with you, or rather your body by seduction and withdrawal.

Make him fall by either allowing your sister to discover when he's trying to sneak to you or steal his love emotions completely. Especially when the hate you have is born of jealousy.

2. I just want you to be happy

If you hate your sister's boyfriend because he's bad in certain sensitive things and you don't think she will be able to break-up with him, this emotional manipulation can work:

When ever she brought her boyfriend in a conversation go with the phrase "I just want you to be happy." Create an impression that you know and support her happiness regardless of her choices. This way she can easily break-up with him without fear of "I told you" from you or other family members.

3. Be over nice to him???

No, you can't be nice to him. And no, you can't be rude to him either. You just need to be silent about him. Don't talk about your feelings about him to your sister because she may even get more closer to him, being protective. Don't allow her to develop a defence mechanism.

4. Relax and Focus.

Focus your energy most on things you're grateful for other than your sister or your lack of boyfriend. Do your hobbies. Love your life and make new girl friends. Be active and free minded. Before you know it, your sister will like your life and will decide unconciously to start loving what you love and hating what you hate, her boyfriend.