How to Deal with Manipulative Parents

People hate to admit but many of us have suffered a manipulation either directly or heard about it from a close family. Manipulative friends are the worst parents one will ever have.

So since our relationship and bond between our parents is born of fate rather than choice, how do we go about dealing with manipulation? How do we deal with anger and respect issues in dealing with the most sensitive people in our lives when they treat us badly.

4 ways to deal with emotionally manipulative parents

1. Killing with Kindness

This method of copping with emotional manipulation it's manipulation itself, though in a good way. It has been used by scored of intelligent kids to escape violent parents.

Be overly kind, obedient and supportive. The more they vent out negativities directly or indirectly, let that be a motivation to your mind to remain calm, untouched and meek.

Be very very nice to an extent they won't be able to find fault in you no matter how they try. If not for parents with personality/psychological issues, this works best and harmless.

2. Looking Forward.

Sometimes our parents cannot be that bad as we think they are. Just that our minds are too inclined to the family we have right now. Stop thinking about living with your family after you turn 18.

Think about a better future and look forward to it. Live everyday with the hope that tomorrow will definitely be better than today. And if you believe it and work your best in school and personal talent, 18 years will be a good future.

Manipulation is the problem of who does it. You're young and don't need to force things when they won't happen. Just focus focus focus on the right thing and a happier youth life awaits you.

3. After Night Comes the Day

Your parents might be frustrated and stressed out in their own. Try to observe why and when they use to be insecured. If it's about your outing, outfit, grades or friends, make sure you do exactly what they want.

Some parents attach their happiness to kids behaviour. When you don't act right with their orders, they become stressed and will try to use every means to get your behaviour in control.

4. Counselling.

Visit a counselor once in a while to have a heart to heart talk. You might also demand that the counselor should visit your parents. They also need someone to talk with. They want to pour out their hearts to an adult like them. just don't allow them to know that you're the invitee.