These Types of Sex Could Be Great: Which Do You Have?

Sex is adventurous. It's one of the best requirements of a successful relationship. We get involved in sexual relationship mostly because we love each other and have passion for our satisfactions.

Today am going to talk about the exclusive part of the ecstasy of sex in and outside relationship. This types of sex could be great, which one turns you on the most?

1. Make-up sex.

The tingling feeling and a need to release a tension after arguements always bring about one of the wildest and fulfilling sex in a relationship. Arguement ignites passion and the desire to want each other the most.

2. Break-Up Sex.

There's no great feeling of 'closure' than that of a last pleasure. Let's just kiss and say good bye, from there we are going to make a great memory on the last day of our togetherness.

3. Random/One night stand.

Men love this more than women but women get the pleasure more than men. It's something you do once in a while and you just meet that person. The unpredicting feeling excites your sex emotion, keeping you aroused even after.

4. Risky Pleasure

Risk is adventurous. We love the fear. We all seem to settle for the low comfortable and private sex life. But what excites the most is when you're in danger of getting caught either by your parent, roommate or even boss in the office. Sex with your partner in the risky corner opens more opportunities for adventures.

5. Spontaneous Sex.

Doing it in the car or kitchen? You'll love the new feeling, accompanied by risk. It's a grab and insert sex many love.

6. Goodbye Sex.

Your patner wants to travel and you won't meet for a while. Doing it on the last day before flight? Imagine the feeling? Ha, rush and love! Each of you is going to be eager to get to that point.

7. Gratitude Sex.

Some guy helped you out of trouble or just made life easier for you when you were close to losing hope. This is where payback sex comes in. He won't ask or expect it but there's a thrill that makes you quiver knowing you're giving yourslef to a 'safe' stranger.

8.Forbidden sex.

Hook up with your best friend's partner, cheating on your boyfriend with his sibling or with his co-worker etc. Though wrong, it's the wrong in it that makes it very exciting.

9. Consistent Casual Sex.

Friends with benefit may not have any string attached in their sex escapade but the ecstasy driven in the bed is almost untold. Fighting your emotions not to fall in love with a friend-with-benefits ignites an undeniable passion for just the sex since you're being self-denied a relationship.

Sex is all about getting out of your comfort zone and being comfortable with your skills. If you observe, almost all the sex types mentioned above do not require perfection due to the time and pattern of their occurrence. The best thing to do in your relationship is not to strive hard to impress. Be comfortable, sexy and adventurous. Forget about your insecurities and get out of your comfort zone.