"Can't seem to make a relationship happen; Am I a psycho?"

I'm a guy....24......combining schooling & work. I have been in a couple of relationships before now, but i have not been in a relationship since late last year, because I think I have a psychological problem.

Let me explain: I'm a kind'a guy that push myself to the limit when i want something so badly. I get my back off the wall, work really hard, struggle, do whatever i have to do until i get what i want. When I decide to start something, I don't give up without a fight until i'm done!!

But...........when it comes to relationships, its the other way round. No matter how much i love a girl, i never beg them to stay when they decide to leave. I don't like arguing much, i don't force people into my life...& i'm quite impatient. I just let them go without a fight.

*When they cheat....i don't confront them..

*When they lie....i pretend like i believe them..

*When they don't call.....i'm not bothered..

*When i meet a girl i like & she's taken......i disappear.

*When they start acting up....& they are reluctant to work things out.....i delete their number, wipe off whatever memory i had with them, & move on with my life ASAP.

*......and i don't go back to ex's.(I have a bunch of them standing in line though, still trying to come back).

I know for a fact that great relationships don't just happen.....i know it takes a lot of effort from both partners, the constant fights, arguments etc...and i admire such relationships from a distance.

But how can i attain that level?...that level of still loving and staying with someone after all those stuffs i listed above? How is the best way to fight for one's relationship amidst adversities & its challenges?

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