EXPOSED ATLAST: Do not start any relationship until you read this...

I found this story on a facebook page and I feel obliged to share with you guys...ENJOY

My precious single friends, it's great to write you today again. I felt I should share this truth with you about Love.

When I was in 300L(3rd year) in the University, there is this female friend of mine who happened to be one of the closest friend I had. We were so close that we gist a lot, she shares her personal issues with me and am always excited communicating with her. In fact she became my study mate and we go to night class together to read because the female hostel where she stays was just adjacent the male hostel I was staying.

Studying together was of immense benefit to us and it helped us to encourage ourselves to study even if you don't feel like. So one day, this lady called me and said tea, "what do you really want from me and what is happening between us" she said she can't really understand our closeness and she needed to be sure and immediately she said that, it came to my consciousness that we never defined our relationship and I was happy she brought it up.

So I told her emphatically that nothing serious is happening between us than just FRIENDSHIP, I made her know I enjoyed being with her and no emotional feelings attached. Of course she is very good, humble and pretty lady that most guys would want to propose to but I understood that the issue of choosing a life partner is more than just the physique and the character. It is a destiny decision that must be according to God's will and leading. So I never even thought of proposing to her even though I was single then. And ever since I made it clear to her, our friendship continue and even gets stronger.

Friends, this scenario is very common among youths especially students.

Many ladies would have misconstrued what was happening as being in a relationship instead of asking for clarity just like my wise friend did.

Don't assume any relationship so that you won't end up in a great disappointment. When you discover that a brother is getting so close to you and always wanting to be with you, call such brother to order and ask questions.

Asking question will help you to know if the guy is shy or afraid to propose to you or don't even have any intention of doing so.

The danger is, everybody will assume you are engage while you are only hoping the brother is taking his time and will propose soonest. This can make all brothers that desire to marry you stay away from you because they will think you are already engage.


1. As a lady, define all your relationships. If a guy is becoming too close without disclosing his intention, ask him what he wants from you.

2. Don't be too close to any guy to the point that people will start to insinuates.

3. Never allow a brother propose with proverbs or idioms to you. Pretend as if you don't know what he is saying until he comes straight. For example, if he says, "Let me be the umbrella on your head", tell him, "I am not in the sun and i do not need an umbrella".

4. Avoid cooking for brothers unnecessarily. Most brothers love food and will do anything to keep the source of their good food, even if it means pretending they are in love.

5. Do not help a brother by proposing for him. ANY BROTHER THAT IS NOT BOLD ENOUGH TO PROPOSE TO YOU IS NOT OLD ENOUGH TO BE YOUR HUSBAND. Brothers should be bold to propose simply, concisely and directly without proverbs or idioms.

6. Get a direct "YES" or "NO" from a lady; and do not assume.